First Weekend in June 2018
Begins 9:00am June 1st
Ends 4:00pm 3rd

Stonehenge Farms
9755 Willamette St. Aumsville, OR 97325

Event Steward
Troy Griffith (Sir William Brannan)
(541) 535-7974 - Email - Facebook

All three days -
Adults $30 - Children Free
Saturday Only -
Adults $20 - Children Free
*SCA Member Discount: $5

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The position of Sergeant-at-Arms of the Barony of Terra Pomaria and the specialized equivalent ranks of Yeoman, Gallant, and Lancer (hereafter referred to as “Sergeantry”) were developed to allow individuals the opportunity to demonstrate military and chivalric skills with the goal of becoming qualified military leaders of the Barony. With the passage of time, the Sergeantry has also come to be respected as role models for all who interact with the Barony, and they are valued as vital contributors to the social aspects of the group as well as the military. The Sergeantry is responsible for the security and safety of the Barony and its members form the Guard of Honor for the Baron and Baroness.

Additionally, many ceremonial and service obligations are the sole domain of the Sergeantry. Those individuals who successfully complete the trials will be required to swear fealty to the Barony of Terra Pomaria through the entities of the Baron and Baroness and will have the right to wear the buckle of this rank and any other tokens that the Baron and Baroness may decide. The Sergeantry are in primary service to the Baroness of Terra Pomaria.

Click Here for more details about Sergeantry.

Sergeantry Trials

The Trials are a collection of activities the Sergeanty candidates take part in to demonstrate their fitness for the the duties of a Sergeant-at-Arms of the Barony. They will take place throughout the event, at the pleasure of the Baron and Baroness. A tentative schedule of the trials is posted below.


5pm- Test, Question from the Baron and Baroness.


9am- Displays set up- Scribal, Heraldic, Arts and Sciences, Service Projects.

10:30-am- Opening court/Announcements

Persona Development Q&A- The candidates will be asked questions about their historical knowledge in relation to their persona.

Court of Love- Q&A/recitation

11am- Domestic sciences presentation

12pm- Lunch

1pm- Sergeantry- heraldry and marshal combat demonstration

2pm- Bardic

3pm- Dance

6pm- Dinner/Court