First Weekend in June 2018
Begins 9:00am June 1st
Ends 4:00pm 3rd

Stonehenge Farms
9755 Willamette St. Aumsville, OR 97325

Event Steward
Troy Griffith (Sir William Brannan)
(541) 535-7974 - Email - Facebook

All three days -
Adults $30 - Children Free
Saturday Only -
Adults $20 - Children Free
*SCA Member Discount: $5

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Promoting Equestrian Activities

There are few things as fundamental to medieval life as the horse. There were an aspect of the life of every person from the Gentry class up, yet they remain a very small part of the SCA experience. The reasons for this are of course, first and foremost, the cost and effort associated with owning, transporting and accommodating horses and these factors will always be a huge hurdle when it comes to making equestrian activities more main stream, but there are other factors.

Let's take the Summits area as an example. 10 years ago there was essentially no SCA equestrian activities Oregon. In May of 2008 a Crown Tournament was held in the southern reaches at which horses activities were promoted heavily. A couple local members who owned horses, but had taken a respite from actively playing in the SCA, attended and took a serious interest. Within 6 months there were practices being held and before a year had passed, the first local EQ event. Two years later there were 4 regular events, a dozen active equestrian participants and a couple years after that, practices in multiple locations and a great deal of interest in EQ in general. It seemed horses were here to stay.

Fast forward to today and we see events, which had traditionally been focused on EQ, canceling horse activities due to lack of participation. The number of active riders in the region is way down, a most of the activities involving horses is focused in one small area.

What happened? There are several factors which combined to bring about this decline, including burn out, personality issues among the participants, economic changes, etc. These are all factors which have always been part of any horse activities in this day and age, yet somehow such activities are still going strong.

So the question we are facing is how can we continue to promote EQ in the SCA? How to do strengthen the horse community and fan the flames of medieval horsemanship in our organization?

Open Discussion

Everyone is invited to participate.