First Weekend in June 2018
Begins 9:00am June 1st
Ends 4:00pm 3rd

Stonehenge Farms
9755 Willamette St. Aumsville, OR 97325

Event Steward
Troy Griffith (Sir William Brannan)
(541) 535-7974 - Email - Facebook

All three days -
Adults $30 - Children Free
Saturday Only -
Adults $20 - Children Free
*SCA Member Discount: $5

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"How To Ride Before A Prince" 

This is a mounted class, requiring no armor and will take about an hour, with a second hour later to put your new skills to a test.

"How To Ride Before a Prince" is based on the 16th and 17th century manuals written to instruct noblemen how to train, ride and present themselves as fitting to their noble station. Unlike modern dressage, the displays were not specifically prescribed patterns, but concentrated on choosing movements to emphasize the best qualities of the rider and his mount. And unlike some previous SCA competitions, it is not freeform, but is based on the patterns and instructions found in period manuals. In these manuals, specific movements and figures are described that would be pleasing to the audience and would demonstrate the skills which the rider and horse should display. (Handout in PDF format)


Mistress Annisa Gabrieli Mka "Alexis Garrigues".

Alexis spent her teenage years volunteering at the Woodland Park Zoo's pony ring, a wonderful opportunity for a city kid to spend time with horses. There she learned to utilize her innate stubbornness to good advantage with Welsh and Shetland ponies. As part of the zoo's 4-H club she learned to care for horses, ride, and drive, and was able to pass on those skills training new volunteers. A few years ago she re-connected with horses in the SCA, and is now the proud owner of Duchess, a Percheron cross mare, and co-owner of Darshan, a Friesian cross gelding. She also loves fabric and has taught classes on medieval riding attire and making caparisons and helmet covers.