First Weekend in June 2018
Begins 9:00am June 1st
Ends 4:00pm 3rd

Stonehenge Farms
9755 Willamette St. Aumsville, OR 97325

Event Steward
Troy Griffith (Sir William Brannan)
(541) 535-7974 - Email - Facebook

All three days -
Adults $30 - Children Free
Saturday Only -
Adults $20 - Children Free
*SCA Member Discount: $5

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Mounted Combat 101

This an unarmored, mounted class, requiring a safe weapon for the rider and lasting about a hour. Observers are of course welcome to attend and learn what can be learned from foot. The focus will be on fundamentals of Mounted Combat. It will start with training the horse, with preparing your horse mentally to accept the activity, moving on through the physical training to prepare for the maneuvers required by the mounted soldier. Finally, the instruction will touch on the tactics of close quarters sword combat on horseback.


 Sir William Brannan (aka Troy Griffith)

Sir William Brannan is an English Knight of the 16th Century. William has been participating in the SCA for over 40 years and studying military horsemanship for 20 years. He now trains horses and riders for martial activities on horseback as well as general horsemanship in the classical tradition.