First Weekend in June 2018
Begins 9:00am June 1st
Ends 4:00pm 3rd

Stonehenge Farms
9755 Willamette St. Aumsville, OR 97325

Event Steward
Troy Griffith (Sir William Brannan)
(541) 535-7974 - Email - Facebook

All three days -
Adults $30 - Children Free
Saturday Only -
Adults $20 - Children Free
*SCA Member Discount: $5

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Barding and Horse Costuming

This is an unmounted, presentation and discussion class; scheduled for one hour. This class will address the subject of decorative wear for the medieval horse, including various types of barding and caparisons. (Handout 1 - Handout 2 - Handout 3)


Mistress Annisa Gabrieli Mka "Alexis Garrigues".

Alexis spent her teenage years volunteering at the Woodland Park Zoo's pony ring, a wonderful opportunity for a city kid to spend time with horses. There she learned to utilize her innate stubbornness to good advantage with Welsh and Shetland ponies. As part of the zoo's 4-H club she learned to care for horses, ride, and drive, and was able to pass on those skills training new volunteers. A few years ago she re-connected with horses in the SCA, and is now the proud owner of Duchess, a Percheron cross mare, and co-owner of Darshan, a Friesian cross gelding. She also loves fabric and has taught classes on medieval riding attire and making caparisons and helmet covers.